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Because...I personally experienced a pet love and loss and did not have the support I needed for self-care and support from others. Neither I, nor the people I really counted on, really understood the heart-breaking, mind-numbing, and spirit-crushing pain I was going through. Nor did they know what to say and do and what not to say and do. I was not "ready and prepared" for the reality of the loss of my beloved pet and the twins of grief and guilt who showed up to make me feel even worse. I needed to better understand what was happening to me and what was so special about our human-animal bond. I also needed to know why others did not it understand too! I needed to know how to do self-compassion care to comfort my mind, body, and spirit, as a whole person. Others who I counted on in times of crisis needed to know how to provide me support, give compassionate care, and provide helpful resources to ease my suffering. Sure, some wanted to help but did not really know how and others just didn't help at all and this just made my suffering worse. 

In my professional ministry education and training I was trained in general compassion care but never for the personal pet love and loss experience. Therefore, I did not understand why and how to better care for a person with a pet love loss, who is often suffering alone and lonely in their "tears and fears of grief and/or guilt."  One day though, it happened to me too! When people talk about their pet love and loss stories, they often mention the loss their pet in a very personal and endearing term such as "a family member, my fur-baby, my soulmate", etc. This personal loss needs to be addressed openly, socially, and with sensitivity. I know this now from my own first-hand experience.

In honor of the passing of my shadow dog, Pixie (Chee), I am determined to make a difference and change the pet love and loss support experience by educating, equipping, and empowering better support and compassion care for self and others. The Association for Veterinary Pastoral Education (AVPE) was very helpful in providing me the training, experience, and direction I needed to be a compassionate pet chaplain. I provide consults, courses, and coaching services for individuals and groups, on how to plan, prep, and practice pet love and loss compassion care for mind, body, and spirit. If you want an experienced and educated guide on your side scroll below to find what resonates with you. And if you just want to chat with a pet chaplain let's connect and do a complementary videoconference or teleconference.

What is a Pet Chaplain®?

Pet Loss Training and Support – Association for Veterinary Pastoral Education (

Find a Pet Chaplain – Pet Loss Training and Support

My Why? and My Services: About



My Why? and My Services: Services


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How to Live with Your Pet Love

Pet Love - Questions to Answer

1. Why does my pet love bond happen?

2. Why is my pet a loved sentient being?

3. Why is my love a continuing bond?  


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How to Live with Your Pet Loss

Pet Loss - Questions to Answer

1. Why is my pet loss so hard?

2. Why is my self-compassion needed?

3. Why is my compassion care helpful?


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How to Live with Your Pet Legacy

Pet Legacy - Questions to Answer

1. Why is my pet story so important?

2. Why is my pet loss tribute helpful?

3. Why is my continuing bond a legacy?

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